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The Beyond 6 Seconds podcast features extraordinary stories from neurodivergent people -- entrepreneurs, creators, advocates & more -- that shatter misconceptions, break stigma and showcase the vibrance and diversity of this community.

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Jun 18, 2018

Avery Schrader is the Founder and CEO of Modash, a startup based in Tallinn, Estonia. Modash helps current & aspiring online content creators (like photographers, filmmakers, writers & social media influencers) find opportunities to partner and collaborate with established brands. These opportunities help content creators grow, create and do what they love.

In this episode, Avery discusses what inspired him to build a digital marketing start-up in a new country, how networking helps him find mentors, clients & employees, and the challenges of managing talent for a new company that is constantly evolving. He also shares advice for building your own personal brand and network, and how to get started with doing the things you love.

You can contact Avery on LinkedIn, at and at . If you work in marketing, you can try out Modash’s platform for free by emailing .