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Welcome to the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast, where we share extraordinary stories from everyday people. Each episode features inspiring stories of life and creativity, triumph and struggle. I interview people who are starting their own businesses, giving back to their communities, and working with exciting new technologies to advance our world. We also talk about specific ways that our listeners can help support them and their work, so that their stories can continue to evolve.  Who knows, their stories may even provide you some extra inspiration to develop your own talents and passions!

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Feb 6, 2018

How can a pair of spoons change people’s lives and support a community? In today’s episode, we answer these questions with Lynn Urlaub, the owner of Cuddle Spoons – the fun and functional spoons that are easy to hold and make adorable gifts for everyone! Lynn shares the story of how her partner Ken created Cuddle Spoons after he became disabled, how the spoons are helping people with disabilities feed themselves and be more independent, and how their business is raising funds to support the Houston community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. A certified SCRUM master with extensive experience in office management and project management, Lynn also discusses her ongoing job search for a full-time job as an Office Manager in the Houston area.

You can find more information about Cuddle Spoons at , where you can also purchase the spoons directly.

Cuddle Spoons is also helping to support Joyce & Adam Romero, a local Houston area couple who lost everything in the hurricane.  If you would like to add a small donation to your Cuddle Spoons purchase to support Joyce & Adam, please email

You may also donate directly to Joyce & Adam’s Youcaring site at .