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Apr 29, 2019

Stacy Sherman is the Director of Customer Experience (CX) at Schindler Elevator Corporation. When she’s not at her day job, Stacy shares her extensive CX expertise on her blog, DoingCXRight, which provides mentorship and knowledge sharing with CX professionals looking to differentiate their companies and personal brand. 

On this episode, Stacy shares:

  • What inspired her to start DoingCXRight back in 2017, and the type of content she writes for the blog
  • How she balances work, family, friends, blogging and all the other parts of her life, by being intentional about how she spends her time
  • How writing with authenticity has built her credibility as a blogger and woman in corporate America
  • How she has used feedback from her readers to refine the themes she writes about on her blog
  • The types of networking, speaking and mentoring opportunities that her blog has opened up for her—and how it has helped her support the careers of other women

Read and subscribe to Stacy’s blog at  to increase your own CX skills and/or to transform your organization. Her latest blog post is about Women Leadership & Customer Experience.

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Stacy Sherman’s full bio:

Stacy Sherman combines marketing know-how with a passion for CX. Having worked on the client-side and in agency environments, Stacy has led projects for reputable brands including Verizon Wireless, Martha Stewart Crafts, ADP, and AT&T.

She uses her expertise in developing and launching customer experience (CX) programs and Voice of Customer (VOC) initiatives to maximize conversions through proven optimization techniques. Stacy’s CX areas of expertise include: CX within new product development to ensure products launch with the highest probability of success; CX within specific channels (eCommerce/digital) and offline retail;  and also CX within a sales organization driving employee engagement and a customer-centric culture.

She's gained Expertise in designing & implementing customer-centric programs with a focus on research, measurement & close the loop processes to shape product design, messaging and experiences that exceed Satisfaction (CSAT) & NPS goals.

Currently, Stacy is the Director of Customer Experience (CX) at global company, Schindler Elevator Corporation. Stacy continues to infuse customer centricity in all initiatives to cultivate profitability along with “close the loop” processes for ongoing success.  

Stacy lives and breathes CX. When she's not at her day job, she shares her voice and passion at events, on podcasts, in industry articles and on her DoingCXRight blog, which provides mentorship and knowledge sharing with CX professionals looking to differentiate their companies and personal brand. 

She is a founding CX Board Member at Rutgers University. She is CX certified and has an MBA in Marketing.