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The Beyond 6 Seconds podcast features extraordinary stories from neurodivergent people -- entrepreneurs, creators, advocates & more -- that shatter misconceptions, break stigma and showcase the vibrance and diversity of this community.

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Jan 31, 2022

Rosemary Richings is a writer, author, panel member of Dyspraxia Magazine, and co-founder of Dyspraxic Alliance, a global online support network by and for dyspraxics. When she was four years old, she was diagnosed with dyspraxia (developmental coordination disorder).

In 2014, Rosemary started her own freelance writing business to reduce the stress of finding an accessible work environment. Her debut book, “Stumbling Through Space and Time: My Life So Far with Dyspraxia” is being published in the fall of 2022. Recently, Rosemary joined the board of trustees of Dyspraxic Me, a peer group for dyspraxic youth.

During this episode, you will hear Rosemary talk about:

  • Her dyspraxia diagnosis, and how dyspraxia affected her at school
  • Her struggle to find a supportive working environment where she could truly thrive
  • How she developed her longtime passion for writing into a freelance writing business
  • What had inspired her to write her book about dyspraxia, and how social media connected her to a publisher

To find out more about Rosemary and her work, you can find her with the following links below!

Rosemary’s Twitter (Rosemary's consulting website) (Rosemary’s writing blog)

DyspraxicMe Twitter

Dyspraxic Alliance Twitter


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This episode also features a promo for the new season of 2 Lives, a podcast about people who faced darkness and how those incidents changed the trajectory of their lives. 


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