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Welcome to the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast, where we share extraordinary stories from everyday people. Each episode features candid and inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs, creatives and business leaders who share how they discover and grow their careers, overcome big challenges and make a positive impact on society.

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Feb 25, 2019

Esther Hofknecht Curtis is a blogger, writer, and content creator who established Parrot Content + Copy to develop her freelance business. She is also the creator of the #GuestBloggerProject, which she hosted in May and October 2018 to provide a platform for writers to share their stories and understand how the project impacts organic social media reach and SEO for the project's host. Based on her experience, she has written a short e-book called “Boost Your Blog with the #GuestBloggerProject: A proven plan to improve your blog's visibility, SEO, and following” to give people the tools they need to host their own #GuestBloggerProject.

On this episode, Esther talks about what she learned from the #GuestBloggerProject, some of the inspirational and surprising stories that people have shared, and how blogging is a unique opportunity to learn more about the people around us. She also shares how this project can help both the host and the guest bloggers increase their online reach and amplify their voices. 

Connect with Esther on LinkedIn, learn more about the #GuestBloggerProject, and pick up a copy of Esther’s e-book on Amazon!