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First impressions can take only 6 seconds to make! But if you’re neurodivergent, those quick judgments about you can be misleading.

That’s where the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast comes in! Join me, Carolyn Kiel, as I talk with neurodivergent entrepreneurs, creators, advocates & more about their lives and identities. Their stories shatter misconceptions, break stigma and showcase the vibrance of neurodiversity.

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  • Ambie Awards 2024: Nominee - Best DIY Podcast
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  • W3 Award Silver Winner (x2): 2022 Podcast Features - Best Individual Episode
  • International Women's Podcast Association: 2022 Shortlist - "Moment of Raw Emotion" Episode Category

Apr 8, 2019

Jacqueline Jasionowski left her 18+ year career in the corporate automotive world to start her own business, Shift Awake, which is dedicated to working with leaders to create purpose-driven environments and game-changing results. Jacqueline believes consciousness is innovation. Leveraging her expertise in leadership coaching, customer experience and human resources, she intends to flip the way most organizations view the human experience and challenges leaders to focus on purpose, while using conscious building tools to improve employee wellbeing first.

On this episode, Jacqueline discusses what led her to make the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship, what it means to be a conscious-based leader, and how purpose-driven employees and corporate cultures impact customer experience and the bottom line. She also shares how she faces her biggest challenge as a new entrepreneur – managing and prioritizing her days – through her morning routine and the “Top 5” tool that she learned from her coach.  

Special offer for Beyond 6 Seconds listeners: If you are facing a challenge in your business and you just need someone to talk through it with, Jacqueline invites you to contact her at to set up a time to talk. We all need a helping hand or someone to listen, and she would be honored to be that person to support you through a call.

For more information about Jacqueline and her work at Shift Awake, please visit:


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Instagram: @shiftawake  

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